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Terms related to Marketing Methods

A persona is a model of your company's most important customers Persona Design is the process of building such a model.
Persona Design:
Persona Design is the process of researching and developing a model of your most important customers by seeing things from their viewpoint and understanding their needs.
Scenario Design:
A process of designing an optimum scenario (behavioral model) in order to guide the persona to its goal (objective.)
The most typical model which best represents the members of a certain group.
Communication Design:
A process of designing communication between two different parties, such as a company and its customers. Typical methods of communication between companies and their customers include TV commercials, websites, direct mailing ads and catalogs.
Space Design:
A process of designing physical spaces such as stores, offices, public places and private homes. Space design requires a comprehensive perspective on not only designs of physical elements but also on circulation, usability and interior coordination.
Product Design:
A process of designing industrial products such as automobiles, home electronic appliances and furniture. Today's product designers have actively incorporated ergonomic knowledge into their designs. Ergonomics is the study of understanding interactions among humans and other elements of a system.
Experience Design:
A process of designing a series of experiences to be offered to customers through a certain product or service. The greatest importance is placed on how to offer an impressive brand experience before, during and after the purchase of the product/service.


Terms Related to Research

Quantitative Research:
Research focusing on quantity of information to understand the general picture of a certain group by collecting and analyzing statistical data. Typical methods of quantitative research include questionnaire surveys and data mining.
A process of segmenting a market into several different groups whose members share the same needs and purchase behaviors.
Data Mining:
A process of finding correlations or patterns among numerous pieces of information accumulated at a company including sales data, dial records, credit card usage history and so on.
Qualitative Research:
Research focusing on quality of information to gain an in-depth understanding of a certain group. Specific methods of qualitative research include interviews, discussions and observation.
A process of carefully watching the behavioral patterns of a group of customers. Close observation of their day-to-day behaviors such as their purchase patterns or Internet surfing helps us to discover their complaints, misunderstandings and potential needs.


Terms Related to Business Administration

ROI (return on investment):
The ratio of money gained or lost on an investment. This is a basic index to measure the profitability and capital efficiency of a corporation.
Customer Satisfaction:
A business term which is used to emphasize the idea that the value of a product or service has to be determined by customers. Customer satisfaction management is a style of business management aiming at making innovations by placing the greatest importance on meeting customer needs.



Forrester Research:
Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company (Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts, CEO: George F. Colony). Forrester has been conducting research on Personas since the earliest use of Personas by various companies.



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