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Site Policy

This site policy is to designed to explain how personal information is handled by PCEA. You are kindly requested to read this site policy before using this site. You are deemed to have agreed to this policy when using this site.

1. Collection of Personal Information
This site collects some personally identifiable information such as users' names, birth dates and genders through the forms contained herein.
2. Use of Personal Information
Your personal information collected at this site will be used only to:
  1. Send you an invitation to the seminar;
  2. Use as data to be analyzed for our research and development;
  3. Send our answer to your inquiry about our services.
3. Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information
We will not disclose your personal information collected at this site to any third party except:
  1. When we have your prior consent;
  2. When we use such information in the form of purely numerical data unconnected with your identity;
  3. When we are asked to provide such information by any law enforcement or regulatory authority such as the courts, the police, the tax office and the consumer affairs bureau.
4. Adequate Handling of Personal Information
1. Security
We take all necessary measures in handling personal information (including strict control over the use of such information and restricted access to unauthorized personnel). We always keep ourselves updated on security and privacy. Furthermore, in order to ensure that all staff members in charge of handling personal information are fully aware of the importance of privacy and protection of such information, we will offer a training program twice a year for them.
2. Use of Cookies Technology
This site does not use cookies.
3. Log Files
We utilize the IP addresses of visitors to this site for site management and traffic analysis. These IP addresses are not connected to personally identifiable information.
5. Correction or Deletion of Personal Information
You can correct or delete any of your personal information we have collected at this site by directly contacting us.
6. Linked Sites
The terms and conditions for handling personal information in this site policy are applied only to We are not responsible for any collection of personal information or the use thereof made by the linked sites. Please see the privacy policy of each linked site about its handling of personal information.
7. Updating Privacy Policy
Whenever we update any part of our privacy policy, we will provide information on such changes on this site. Thus you can be always fully aware of what kinds of personal information are collected at this site.

For further information on the site policy, please contact:

Persona & Customer Experience Association (PCEA)
Administrative Office
mail :

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